The Brotherhood of Randis is a source of hope in their corner of the Deep Periphery. Grand Knight Lucas Beckett has just succeeded Grand Knight Frews [late 3062]. New methods of one-to-one combat are being introduced by Grand Knight Beckett in following with his Clanner background.

Into this political turmoil, you are being assigned to establish a new charter house of the Brotherhood. Do you hold with Beckett’s methods or are you part of the revived movement that seeks to put Frews back into the position of Grand Knight? Where do you stand on the Clansmen bringing the reckless confrontation with the Blakists? Will you focus merely on the missions of mercy the Brotherhood has undertaken to rescue planetary populations from the deprivations of piracy or focus on the Blakists and politics?

Come Knight-Mechwarriors and celebrate the 3072 holidays on Randis before leaving to establish a new charter house!

BattleTech: From the Ground Up

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