Planetary Information, Cogdell


Position in System: 4
Time to Jump Point: 7 Days
Recharging Station: None
HPG Facility: Class B
Percent Level of Native Life: 40%
Planetary Capital: Revant Bay
Other Cities of Note: Hangmen Quarter
Noble Ruler: Edward Sims the fifth, Marquess of Cogdell
Political Leader: Peopel’s-Leader ?
ComStar Representative: Precentor ?

Description: With commoners pitted against nobles, Cogdell is a world in deep political turmoil. This conflict has its roots in the fact that the planet’s original settlers were a boatload of convicts who had been brought to Cogdell from a Periphery world and dumped there without food or water. The convicts managed to survive and formed their own culture, a semi-anarchy where each citizen had the right to do as he wished and no one had the right to stop him. When the Federated Suns absorbed Cogdell just before the start of the Third Succession War, the Davion government chose a member of the Sims family, a famous native clan, as ruling Marquess. Since then, the Sims family has gradually adopted a more and more pro-Federated and pro-nobility attitude. The public of Cogdell now believes that the Davion government is a threat to their anarchistic way of life.

Cogdell is a beautiful world covered by large seas, lush forests, pastures, large hills and thousands of acres of arable land, which yield substantial crops of grains and vegetables. Cogdell exports most of this bounty to nearby worlds, but the recent civil war has damaged this land and disrupted trade. Though poor in metals and chemical compounds, also possesses large supplies of fresh water. The capital city is Revant Bay formal known as Hangman’s Death on the southern continent.

In recent history Cogdell has become one of twenty one planets to join the Filtvelt Coalition which has broken away from the Federated Suns do mainly to the fact that the Federated Suns have be unable or unwilling to stop the numerous attacks by pirate bands from Tortuga Dominions and military raiding parties from Taurian Concordat. Cogdell Defense Force currently has a understrength company each of Armor Vehicles, Power Armor Infantry and Ripper VTOL and a Lance of Assault Battlemechs guarding the capital provided by the Thumpers mercenary unit which has signed on with the Filtvelt Coalition for several contracts.

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Planetary Information, Cogdell

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