Character Concept Information

For Character Concept Creation:

All would be knights must be sponsored by a Knight of good standing and pass the Initiation Test (which entails the Test of Endurance, Test of Strength, Test of Dexterity, and Test of Courage). Upon the completion of these tests and the verification of their mentor, the newly named knight becomes the recipient of the uniform: red & black silk, steel mesh and a sword. The sword is chosen by the new night from a number laid out before them; many older knights believe that the choice of sword says a lot about the new knight.

After becoming a member of the knighthood, a new Knight must complete their first mission accompanied by the sponsor to prove their valor to their senior knights. Once this is completed, this new knight is fully accepted into the order of Brotherhood of Randis as a full knight of good standing.

The following is the code by which the Brotherhood of Randis was founded on in 2988:

Code of Chivalry [The Ten Tenets of a Knight of Randis]

Faith – Be always truthful and faithful to your word and vows, be they to others, to thyself or to the almighty.

Charity – Be always kind and giving to others less fortunate than thyself and always be the protector of the innocent and defenseless.

Justice – Be always the champion for good and justice and rightly punish the guilty and evil.

Prudence – Be always courteous to ladies and give no ill to man and guard against unfairness, meanness and deceit.

Temperance – Be always in control of your anger and know that your actions speak louder than words.

Resolution – Be always ready to defend your charge unto death and persevere to the end in any enterprise begun.

Truth – Be always the guardian of the honor of your fellow knights and never perjure yourself or let other do so.

Benevolence – Be always humble and kind, entertain strangers, love your neighbor as yourself and always fight for the welfare of all.

Hope – Be always on guard from despair, forgive as thee hopes to be forgiven and always hold to your honor and let not the un-chivalrous separate you from your honor.

Valor – Be always ready for a challenge, know that combat is glory, show courtesy to your opponent at all times and never turn thee back upon a worthy foe.

Character Concept Information

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