Winry Renton

Daughter of a Knight of noble upbringing...


Age: 8
Affiliation: Periphery/Randis (planet of birth is located in the Federated Suns)
Occupation: Student


Winry is the daughter of the Knight Athyla Renton who has only been recently knighted for four months and although having completed her first mentor accompanied mission yet un-blooded.

Winry arrived on Randis with her mother when she was six and during her mothers training and service as a squire she was fostered with a Knight and his family that was willing to take in the girl at her mothers request.

Winry is a outgoing friendly smart girl who loves all things ‘girly’ form dolls, dressing up, to cooking and shows no interest in her mother’s Knightly skills or mechs, a state of being that her mother greatly encourages. If there one thing that makes Winry stand out it is her very observant mind that seems to notices every detail from large to small without Winry needing to concentrate on it.


Winry Renton

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