Rayne Sims


Age: 24
Affiliation: Filtvelt Coalition (once apart of the Federated Suns)
Occupation: Government Official


Rayne Sims is the newly appointed heir to the Sims royal family on Cogdell, this is after her elder bother died while fighting against his father and the government in the planet’s civil war over leaving the Federated Suns and joining the Filvelt Coalition.

Rayne ever expected to become heir, but has none the less been active in helping her planet as most of her young adult life she has help promote organizations that help the poor and needy of the planet while also supporting reform of education and aid services. Because this she is well loved by the people of Cogdell but seen as a thorn in the side by many of the ruling class.

Rayne is the main reason why the Brotherhood of Randis has been allowed to petition for establishing a chapter house on planet. Rayne is a supporter of the group’s missionary works and was impressed with their financial support for the building of a free school in the poor spaceport-side city of Hangman Quarter, a run down slum sister city to the capital.


Rayne Sims

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