Lilith Mohan


Age: 35
Affiliation: Filtvelt Coalition (once apart of the Federated Suns)
Occupation: Reporter (respected capital news commentary reporter)

Lilith is was born to the upper class of Cogdell and was introduced to the political society by her father who was a Adviser Council to the Marque for most of her childhood until his tragic death when she was fourteen. Despite his death Lilith’s father would always have a large influence in her life and the choices she made.

Lilith is a well educated and determined reporter hounding the political players with heart of the matter questions that sometimes put them on the spot more than they would like, but she is also a strong supporter of Cogdell and its leads when she feels they are in the right. It is because of this that she and the Marque Sims have come to be heated adversaries in the past but when he choice to join the Filtvelt Coalition Lilith suppressed many when she backed him openly and even more so when he gave more power over to the Senate.

Lilith’s private life is closely guarded by her but in truth she have very little of a private life as she has given most everything to her job. Her only real relationships is the one she has with her family, which is made up of her mother and younger brother who is a member of the Cogdell Military Force’s Armored Core.


Lilith Mohan

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