Kalyca Dorcas

Pirate Princess turned Knight of Randis


3072-12-05 Returned from pirate hunting mission for Winter Holidays and first formal function as Knight-Mechwarrior (did battlefield initiation due to pressing need to leave, did choose sword).

3072-08-15 Killed one of her father’s closest friends in mech combat.

3072-04-23 Presented evidence against pirates that had once served with her father after they had begged her to tell the knights they were good honest mercenaries.

3072-02-18 Left with Ward and other experienced knights on pirate hunting mission.

3072-02-13 Initiated as Knight-Mechwarrior of Randis

3067-05-28 Began training with Ward Dilmore as squire after Tomas found out the successful strategy he thought had come from his brother Henry for pirate hunting had actually been hers.

3065-10-31 Gained access to her accounts that contained only money from before Fusilier’s went rogue, the digital copy of her mother revoking her rights to her daughter, and full video of when her father received her.

3065-10-29 Welcomed into house of Ward Dilmore, Knight-Mechwarrior, Wyvern pilot, and Tana Dilmore, parents of Henry.

3065-08-15 Troy Dorcas dies and Kalyca becomes ward of Knight Henry Dilmore. Fusiliers specialized in Urban Combat.

3054 Fusiliers settle in Tortuga Dominion and begin raiding neighboring nations (especially FedCom). Revive Tortuga Prime’s economy even allowing Word of Blake to put B Class HPG Station on planet.

3051 Fuchida’s Fusiliers break contract with House Marik and go to periphery past Outworlds Alliance after raiding Precision Weaponry of Tancredi IV. Conflict w/ Randis over stash on Antallos.

3050-10-31 Kalyca born purportedly early.

Kalyca Dorcas

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