Edward Sims


Age: 47
Affiliation: Filtvelt Coalition (once apart of the Federated Suns)
Occupation: Planetary Governor


Edward Sims ‘the Fifth’ is the noble leader of Cogdell and despite the fact that is family was put in place as the planet rulers by the Federated Suns his family still holds that position within the breakaway state of Filtvelt Coalition do to Edward’s political skills and backing of the separatist movement.

Despite is best efforts to convince his royal family for the need to join the Filtvelt Coalition not everyone agreed with him and this lead to several of his uncles, cousins and even his eldest son into fighting against the separatist in support of remaining with the Fed Suns in a planetary civil war.

A year after officially joining the Filtvelt Coalisiton Edwards works on establishing stronger relations with Cogdell’s neighboring planets, rebuilding after the civil war, and putting down the last remains of resistance cells that have taken root in the country side. Edward in hopes of promoting stability on the planet has given many ruling powers to the newly elected ‘senate’ and has named his eldest daughter Rayne as his heir.


Edward Sims

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