Edmond Ustan


Age: 38
Affiliation: Filtvelt Coalition (once apart of the Federated Suns)
Occupation: Merchant (CEO of the Largest Company on Cogdell and the wealthiest man)

Edmond is the CEO of VOS inc. and has held that position for the past eleven years and has in that time turned the small goods export company into a major export and manufacturing corporation that has control over near half off all manufacturing enterprises and almost total control on all off planet exporting.

Edmond has maintained his control over Cogdell’s manufacturing and exporting do to his influence in the political system as he has bought off several elected representatives of the Senate, but this had put him at odd from time to time with the Marque Sims and the High Chairman d’Wuther.

Edmond and d’Wuther are current allies, if somewhat untrusting, in that they both wish to see more off-world interest on Cogdell, but Edmond is very picky on just who he wants to see on Cogdell and anyone he see that might interfere with his operations he strongly opposes.


Edmond Ustan

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