Commander Joel Drocat


Age: 57
Affiliation: Filtvelt Coalition (once apart of the Federated Suns)
Occupation: Military (Commander of all of Cogdell Military Forces)

Commander Drocat has been a member of the Cogdeel Military Force for over 35 years joining after his graduation at the Filtvet Military Academy where upon he returned home to join the militia as a low ranking infantry officer before climbing the ranks to now the overall commander of all Cogdell military forces.

Commander Drocat had no desire for his planet to leave the Federated Suns and even advised against it form a military prospective as even the little support the Fed Suns gave the border planet would disappear. Now after fighting a costly civil war he has to try and protect a whole planet with what little armor, air and infantry forces he has left and no mechs.

Commander Drocat does not like seeing off-world military forces on his planet but he is a very practical man and will use what every assets he can to protect his home planet. Drocat is not very impressed with the Thummper mercenary lance that was sent by the Filtvelt Coalition to aid in the planets protection as they only seem to think that their contract only obligates them too protect the space port and capital of Cogdell and not aid in the rest of the planets protection, and do to this Drocat feels that the Knights of Randis will be much the same way only looking after their own interest.


Commander Joel Drocat

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