Chairman Arthas d'Wuther


Age: 43
Affiliation: Filtvelt Coalition (once apart of the Federated Suns)
Occupation: Government Official (Cogdell’s Chairman, the highest elected official)


Arthas d’Wuther was elected as Cogdell’s Chairman two years before the planet joined the Filtvelt Coalition and he was one of the most highly placed backers of the movement to leave the Federated Suns.

Arthas was a supporter of outing the Federated place rulers of the planet, the Sims Marque, but would later change is standing on this issue shortly after the planet joined the Coalition and do to this rumor fly that he was bought off by the old ruling family in the bid to say in power of Cogdell.

Arthas has been very outspoken in his support of allowing off-world interest to be allowed on planet in hopes of helping the crippled economy be they corporate or other system and planet powers. This does not mean he has a open door practice but fights hard to gain the best deal he can for Cogdell even if it is sometime a little under the table.


Chairman Arthas d'Wuther

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