Athyla Renton

Ex-Noble turned Knight for need of a place to hide herself and her young daughter.


Age: 26
Affiliation: Federated Suns (home planet was once apart of the Capellan Confederation)
Occupation: Mechwarrior (Knight of Randis)


The last remaining heir of a Capellan Planetary Ruling Family who was forced to marry a Federated Suns Nobleman after the Fed Suns take over of her home planet around the time of the Fed-Com Civil War. Athyla would give birth to her daughter Winry ten months after her marriage to Sir Renton.

Athyla along with her daughter would be kidnapped by rebels six years into her marriage, as she was to be used as a figurehead for a plot to recapture the planet for Capellan. It was during this time that she grew tired of being used as a pawn by yet another power hungry group of people Athyla would convince the rebel’s second in command to help her and her daughter escape the planet after she helped them raid a Fed Sun weapons holding, where her husband’s Nightsky Battlemech was being held and would be claimed by Athyla to be taken with her as she escaped planet.

After leaving her home planet Athyla would travel with a Merc unit, despite the fact that she had no MechWarrior skill but a Mech. She would later dump the Merc unit high and dry, to take up with a Merchant dropship as ‘hired protection’ before ending up one the Merchant’s first stop which by chance was Randis and it was here she convinced a political savvy Knight Lady Stelling to take her on as a squire and who she would latter earn a knight’s sponsorship from.

Athyla is known to socialize with the political circles of Randis be they civilian or knights and she has gained a reputation for her businessman like manner that seems to get things done in a effective timely manner. Althouogh Athyla is a respected and skilled Knight she has net to be blooded in mech combat as she saw no combat in her first mission, which involved escorting missionaries on a mercy mission off of Randis. Athyla is know for the fact that she has already fought in three honor duels, two of which were still when she was a squire and all were on behave of Lady Stelling.


Notes: Tsingtao as possible home planet being taken over by Fed Suns some time after 3063

Athyla pilots her husbands Battlemech which she stole a Nightsky

Nightsky ngs 4 s 3055

Athyla Renton

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