Alister Chima


Age: 29
Affiliation: Periphery/Outworlds Alliance
Occupation: Diplomat
Alister Chima is a newly appointed member of the Outworlds Alliance’s Diplomatic Core and as his first appointment he has been sent to the fledging power of the Filtvelt Coalition as a part of a group of diplomats. His personal mission is to try in supporter the lead diplomat who is on Filtvelt by establishing good relations with the planet of Cogdell as other diplomats do the same throughout the Coalition.

Alister came to the Diplomatic Core after serving in the Outworlds Alliance’s Aerospace military force as a pilot for eight years but after being injured in combat and rated unfit to for combat he was transferred in his current role.

Alister is only one of three Alliance Diplomats that has be given the honor and responsibility of accompanying a Negotiator from Clan Snow Raven as part of his diplomatic mission here in the Filtvelt Coalition. Alister has a lot of respect for the Clan Snow Raven and know that it is his combat experience that has rated him this honor over other diplomats.


Alister Chima

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