Mark Turner


Brother Mark Turner was an infantryman of fair skill from Epsilon Eridani. He had been part of a movement that stood against the Blakists. Brother Mark had been rescued by Brother Samuel Davis when Brother Mark failed to reach the launch site in time, and his compatriots left without him. Brother Samuel returned to Randis with Brother Mark in tow. After completing training, Brother Mark served his first mission in rescuing slaves and adopted a freed slave, an orphan boy named Jackson. Brother Mark has been a successful knight-mechwarrior on pirate hunting, escort, and even humanitarian missions since that first mission. A year ago, Jackson was diagnosed with Terron’s Malady. Last month, Jackson passed away. Brother Mark has just been granted the rank of Knight Errant and his first command mission will be setting up a Charter House.


April, 3042
Mark Turner is born to Jackson and Emily Turner on the planet Epsilon Eridani. Mark has one sister, Mary, who is two years older than he is.

May, 3060
Mark Turner graduates from high school. He enters the militia to help pay for college. His plan is to be a Forest Ranger.

May, 3062
Mark Turner graduates from Madison Technical College with degrees in Conservation and Industrial Mech Operations. When he can’t get hired as a ranger, he begins work as a Lumbermech pilot for a logging company.

February, 3066
Epsilon Eridani requests military aid from the Word of Blake, and joins the Blake Protectorate.

April, 3066
Mark Turner joins a resistance cell to oppose the Word of Blake take-over of the planetary government. The Word puts out a bounty of 50,000 C-Bills for him.

July, 3066 – July, 3068
Mark is recruited by Samuel Davis and joins the Knights of Randis as Brother Samuel’s squire. Brother Samuel trains Mark for two years.

August, 3068 – December, 3068
Mark completes his training and earns the rank of Knight. He successfully participates in his first mission, which is an anti-slavery mission. One of the freed slaves is an eight year old orphan named Jackson Reynalds. Mark and Jackson bond. Mark adopts Jackson and brings him back to Randis.

January, .3069 – September, 3069
Mark takes part in a pirate hunting mission. The mission is a success and a large amount of salvage is brought to Randis. In reward for his service, Mark receives 100 square kilometers of timberland. Mark and Jackson spend many nights camping out on this property.

January, 3070 – October, 3070
Mark is assigned to escort a trade mission to the Mica Majority. Mark is able to upgrade his mech at the auctions.

January, 3071 – November, 3071
Mark is assigned to a humanitarian mission to the planet Lastpost. A local fungus on that planet mutated and destroyed all local crops on planet. Mark provides escort and administration duties for the food relief mission. Mark receives field promotion to Knight Errant. While Mark is on mission, Jackson is diagnosed with Terron’s Malady. There is no cure.

December, 3072
Jackson dies and is buried on Mark’s timberland property. Mark requests another mission, and is assigned to set up a Charter House for the Knights on the planet Cogdell.

Mark Turner

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