BattleTech: From the Ground Up

Session II

Session Start: March 2 3073
Session End: March 7 3073

XP Earned
Session XP: 20
Monthly XP: One Months of XP

Notes: The Group of Knights landed on planet in the late hours of March 2nd and waited to be seen by Cogdell government officials that would handle their immigration onto planet on the Civilian Dropship that had transported them here. The Officials arrived at 9am on March 3rd and after some redtape over Kalyca’s equipment, mainly her electronic security bypass system the Knights were approved to stay on Cogdell. The teams mechs were unloaded and moved to a secure mechbay at the spacestation but by the knight’s request were started on the process of unpacking them. At 1pm a car arrived at the Dropship to take the knights to a photo-op/ceremony held in their honor at their arrival on planet. The ceremony was over seen by the planets Marque Edward Sims. After the photo-op and the meet and greet of all the major planetary leaders and visiting diplomats the group of knights were taken to the Marque’s estate along with his heir and daughter Rayne Sims.

The rest of the week would be taken up with meeting and parties held in their honor the first on the 3rd the group held a press conference with overseen and ran by Athyla Renton with a speech by Mark Turner. The knights would also have private interviews with a VOSinc ran new company called Planetary News and a group of rural based new organization call Allied News Group.

The next event the knight attended was a Diplomat dinner held that event on the 3rd were Kalyca learned that Diplomat Mari Sanjinoh knew something of her past. Mark got into a heated conversation with the Snow Raven Clanner Joseph Crow as the clanner has issues with the practices of the Knights of Randis. Athyla was able to glean information about the planets civil war and the fact that it is not entirely over by the Diplomat Kasai Rinako and Athyla had private words with Mari Sanjinoh but what information was glean was not discussed with the rest of the group. Mark would get a promise from the Diplomat Darmond Williams to speak to the Cogdell Senate on the Knights behalf do to the Knights of Randis aid work in the Calderon Protectorate.

On March the 4th the knights would meet with the Cogdell Militia Commander Commander Joel Drocat as Mark decided that the knights would need to at lest have a working relationship with the Militia and the Mercenary Unit the Thummpers. Mark was able with Athyla and Kalyca help was able to win over the Commander to backing them and talking with some Cogdell Senators that would listen and back the Knights. The Knights would have a meeting with the Thummpers Lance Leader Troy Wiedeman and got a verbal agreement to have a working relationship as long as the knights were willing to pay for any ammunition that the Thummpers used on their behalf.

The rest of the 4th was taken up with a interview by the vid/radio personality Kristal ‘Clear’ Lewis which went well and the knight were able to win the eccentric Kristal ‘Clear’ over. Then on the 5th the knight would entertain their last interview with a political reporter Lilith Mohan who was very businesslike and the interview went well.

On March 6th the knight attended a diner held by the major businessmen and women of Cogdell. It was a honorary ceremony with not much discussed but the knight were approached by the CEO of VOSinc, the largest business organization on planet, Edmond Ustan were he told the knights that if they were willing to work with him and do as he says he would see them established on Cogdell. The knight would listen but did not agree to work with Edmond Ustan. Later Kalyca would introduce herself to a businessman on the advice of a hacker a one Ben Tallis a factory owner who’s Industrial Mech factory was shut down do to damage done to it during the civil war. Kalyca would have a meeting with Ben Tallis the next day at the Hangman’s Quarter ward Seven Trees and after some discussion Kalyca convinced Ben Tallis that the knights could help him and his neighborhood out and he agreed to talk to the Seven Trees Ward Mayor and it turn she would talk with the Quarter’s High Mayor who could possible speak to the Cogdell Senate.


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