BattleTech: From the Ground Up

Session I

Session Start: December 23 3072
Session End: March 2 3073

XP Earned
Session XP: 19
Monthly XP: Two Months of XP

Notes:(Including Per Game Session) The group meet for the first time face to face at Athyla’s cafe the Red Pathway. The team would all attend a New Years Eve Event held by the Grand Knight Lucas Beckett as part of they traditional sending off ceremony where they were honored at the even and on planet wide vid broadcast, along with two other team of knights that would be heading to the Filtvelt Coalition. The group would be heading for Cogdell and left on a civilian Dropship on January 8th along with the other two teams heading to the Coalition. After traveling together for over a month the group of knight would part ways on February 11th as the two other groups headed for the planets Filtvelt and Gillingham. The group would arrive into the Cogdell system on March 1st and started the three day trip towards the planet. While on the way the team had several meeting where they discussed their strategy for earning the right to establish a Chapter House on Cogdell and some the things they were going to have to deal with. It was also discovered by Kalyca that they teams computers had been hacked by a unknown assailant but by looking at the key strokes Kalyca believes that it much have been a group of hackers working together and upon looking into this she has discovered that Cogdell has a large number of hackers for such a backwatter planet do to the VOSinc. and its work into computer system security. It looks as the only to group of hackers that could have done this is VOSinc. itself or a rouge group of hackers calling themselves the Covenant which many say are nothing more than terrorists. The only oddity into the investigation is a highly skilled hacker calling herself Tabi who seems to have the skill to have hacked the teams computers but is known to only work alone. The team is scheduled to land on Cogdell on Sunday to a take part in a welcoming ceremony over seen by the Marque, Edward Sims.


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