BattleTech: From the Ground Up

Session III

Session Started: March 9, 3073
Session Ended: March 13, 3073

On the Sunday the group of Knights were moved out of the Marques’ Estate and housed in the newly created Diplomat Building a well furnished Hotel turned government building.

Monday was spent with the Athyla and Kalyca making a trip to the Quarter separately as Athyla made contact with Seven Trees Mayor Ranko Harvey and then later talked to the Quarter’s High Mayor Glen Stevens to gain his support of the Knight’s Chapter House. Meanwhile Kalyca looked into the makeup and abilities of the Quarter’s law enforcement groups. She learned that not all of the Neighborhoods had law enforcement and the ones that did didn’t work together. Kalyca would meet face to face with the Sheriff of Seven Trees a young man named Even Lawrence who turned out to be the grandson of a famous Knight of Randis. After talking with Evan Kalyca would make contact with the other three law enforcement group with mixed reactions from friendly and neutral too rude.

On Tuesday the group of Knights went before the Cogdell Senate who were to hear arguments and then vote for or against allowing the Knights of Randis to establish a Chapter House on planet. The Knights were allowed to have speakers on their behave come before the Senate that list included the Heir Marque Rayne Sims, Diplomat Darmond Williams, Cogdell Militia Commander Joel Drocat, Cogdell Education Management CEO Shira Lorance, and Hangman’s Quarter High Mayor Glen Stevens. After the speakers finished the floor was opened for debate and the arguments that broke out were load with many voice for and against, with a good portion of the voice against being Senators backed by VOS inc. and in the end it was the Marque Edward Sims that came up with a compromise. Taking up a statement made by one if the Senators against the knights Edward word a challenge for the knights that if they could deal with a rogue terrorist good that was threatening the food supplies for the cities then the Senate would recognize the knights Chapter House without arguments. The group of knights agreed to this challenge and went about that evening setting up plains with Commander Joel Drocat on how to work with the Cogdell Defense Force to take on the threat to the cities. Before the night was over one more meeting would take place as Heir Marque Rayne Sims would come to the knights and request to be allowed to join them on their mission after some debate and after getting Rayne’s word that she would fallow Mark Turner’s commands it was decided that she would be allowed join the mission.

Wednesday stated off early for the knights as Athyla set up a ‘photo-op’ for the knights as the space port where their mechs were being held. The scene was set with the knight’s mechs and the mech of the Heir Marque out on a landing field ready to be lifted off by Planetlifter Air Transports. The knight and Rayne received a blessing from Father Cample Farrady, the priest that has accompanied them to Cogdell, with the help from the monk Brother Brandon and Athyla’s daughter Winry Renton. There were many reporters there all by invitation from Athyla but the Militia reporters were given near unlimited access of the event. After takeoff from the space port the group flew towards a mountain lake that would be their staging area for this mission about half way Kalyca would split off from the group to take up her position traveling with the train along the railways that have been attacked them most. The rest of the group would reach the staging base, little more that a field camp set up by two platoons for Militia Infantry. While waiting from word from Kalyca Mark and Rayne would spend time learning the operation of each other’s mechs as Mark would be piloting Rayne’s Wolfhound and she his Firestarter in the upcoming mission. Kalyca would spend the morning hours and evening hours on the train and only getting rest for four hours during the noon time and at night as a attack didn’t happen that day.

Thursday, was spent by the Athyla working alongside the Militia Communication Officers listening to radio and other communication traffic for signs of a attack by their target while Mark and Rayne worked more on getting use to the mech they would be piloting and Rayne learning the in and outs of fighting with knights. Meanwhile Kalyca was stuck on a train for several hours during the early hours of daybreak and then later during the evening. It was at 2037 hours that she would pick up a large group of vouches of unknown type numbering 12 on the edge of her sensor range. Kalyca told the conductor of the train that the attack could be up ahead and she radioed the rest of the knights who were on alert and quickly moved to their mechs and takeoff.

Session II

Session Start: March 2 3073
Session End: March 7 3073

XP Earned
Session XP: 20
Monthly XP: One Months of XP

Notes: The Group of Knights landed on planet in the late hours of March 2nd and waited to be seen by Cogdell government officials that would handle their immigration onto planet on the Civilian Dropship that had transported them here. The Officials arrived at 9am on March 3rd and after some redtape over Kalyca’s equipment, mainly her electronic security bypass system the Knights were approved to stay on Cogdell. The teams mechs were unloaded and moved to a secure mechbay at the spacestation but by the knight’s request were started on the process of unpacking them. At 1pm a car arrived at the Dropship to take the knights to a photo-op/ceremony held in their honor at their arrival on planet. The ceremony was over seen by the planets Marque Edward Sims. After the photo-op and the meet and greet of all the major planetary leaders and visiting diplomats the group of knights were taken to the Marque’s estate along with his heir and daughter Rayne Sims.

The rest of the week would be taken up with meeting and parties held in their honor the first on the 3rd the group held a press conference with overseen and ran by Athyla Renton with a speech by Mark Turner. The knights would also have private interviews with a VOSinc ran new company called Planetary News and a group of rural based new organization call Allied News Group.

The next event the knight attended was a Diplomat dinner held that event on the 3rd were Kalyca learned that Diplomat Mari Sanjinoh knew something of her past. Mark got into a heated conversation with the Snow Raven Clanner Joseph Crow as the clanner has issues with the practices of the Knights of Randis. Athyla was able to glean information about the planets civil war and the fact that it is not entirely over by the Diplomat Kasai Rinako and Athyla had private words with Mari Sanjinoh but what information was glean was not discussed with the rest of the group. Mark would get a promise from the Diplomat Darmond Williams to speak to the Cogdell Senate on the Knights behalf do to the Knights of Randis aid work in the Calderon Protectorate.

On March the 4th the knights would meet with the Cogdell Militia Commander Commander Joel Drocat as Mark decided that the knights would need to at lest have a working relationship with the Militia and the Mercenary Unit the Thummpers. Mark was able with Athyla and Kalyca help was able to win over the Commander to backing them and talking with some Cogdell Senators that would listen and back the Knights. The Knights would have a meeting with the Thummpers Lance Leader Troy Wiedeman and got a verbal agreement to have a working relationship as long as the knights were willing to pay for any ammunition that the Thummpers used on their behalf.

The rest of the 4th was taken up with a interview by the vid/radio personality Kristal ‘Clear’ Lewis which went well and the knight were able to win the eccentric Kristal ‘Clear’ over. Then on the 5th the knight would entertain their last interview with a political reporter Lilith Mohan who was very businesslike and the interview went well.

On March 6th the knight attended a diner held by the major businessmen and women of Cogdell. It was a honorary ceremony with not much discussed but the knight were approached by the CEO of VOSinc, the largest business organization on planet, Edmond Ustan were he told the knights that if they were willing to work with him and do as he says he would see them established on Cogdell. The knight would listen but did not agree to work with Edmond Ustan. Later Kalyca would introduce herself to a businessman on the advice of a hacker a one Ben Tallis a factory owner who’s Industrial Mech factory was shut down do to damage done to it during the civil war. Kalyca would have a meeting with Ben Tallis the next day at the Hangman’s Quarter ward Seven Trees and after some discussion Kalyca convinced Ben Tallis that the knights could help him and his neighborhood out and he agreed to talk to the Seven Trees Ward Mayor and it turn she would talk with the Quarter’s High Mayor who could possible speak to the Cogdell Senate.

Session I

Session Start: December 23 3072
Session End: March 2 3073

XP Earned
Session XP: 19
Monthly XP: Two Months of XP

Notes:(Including Per Game Session) The group meet for the first time face to face at Athyla’s cafe the Red Pathway. The team would all attend a New Years Eve Event held by the Grand Knight Lucas Beckett as part of they traditional sending off ceremony where they were honored at the even and on planet wide vid broadcast, along with two other team of knights that would be heading to the Filtvelt Coalition. The group would be heading for Cogdell and left on a civilian Dropship on January 8th along with the other two teams heading to the Coalition. After traveling together for over a month the group of knight would part ways on February 11th as the two other groups headed for the planets Filtvelt and Gillingham. The group would arrive into the Cogdell system on March 1st and started the three day trip towards the planet. While on the way the team had several meeting where they discussed their strategy for earning the right to establish a Chapter House on Cogdell and some the things they were going to have to deal with. It was also discovered by Kalyca that they teams computers had been hacked by a unknown assailant but by looking at the key strokes Kalyca believes that it much have been a group of hackers working together and upon looking into this she has discovered that Cogdell has a large number of hackers for such a backwatter planet do to the VOSinc. and its work into computer system security. It looks as the only to group of hackers that could have done this is VOSinc. itself or a rouge group of hackers calling themselves the Covenant which many say are nothing more than terrorists. The only oddity into the investigation is a highly skilled hacker calling herself Tabi who seems to have the skill to have hacked the teams computers but is known to only work alone. The team is scheduled to land on Cogdell on Sunday to a take part in a welcoming ceremony over seen by the Marque, Edward Sims.

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